How Do I Know When I Found The Right House For Me?

By: Holly Lindell

So, you’re house hunting and you just don’t know how you’re going to find the house that is your perfect fit. That’s a perfectly natural concern! So, how do you actually get to the place where you’ve purchased your dream home? How do you know when the house is the one for you?? Well, let me help you out. First, figuring out how much you want to spend on the house is paramount. Remember that just because the bank says that you are prequalified for a certain amount doesn’t always mean that you can afford that much. Break it down with your lender to what your monthly payments will be and find the one that is the most comfortable for your budget.

Next, create a checklist. What can you not live without; such as how many bedrooms it must have or how big of a garage, etc. This will help you to weed out houses that are too big or too small to fit your needs. Then create another list; this one with your wants. Do you want the house to have a fireplace? How about some hardwood floors, or an open concept? Knowing what you want will also help you to weed out houses that don’t have the particular features that you are searching for.

Finally, my last tip is this: be open and communicative with your real estate broker. Tell them what you don’t like about the properties that they are showing you and likewise tell them what you like (or even love) about the properties. Tell your real estate broker what price point you decided on with your lender. Tell your real estate broker the items on your lists so we can be diligent in finding you a house that suites not only your wants but your desires as well. It might sound passe, and way too simple, but at the end of the day… when you know, you know! It’s the house that you feel perfectly at peace when you walk in the front door for the first showing. It’s the house that you are already picturing where you can put your furniture and which room will be the nursery or the office. It’s the house that you just can’t get out of your head.