Finish Strong

By: Mandy Dreier, Supervising Broker

In order to finish strong you first must evaluate where you’ve been. What goals did you set? What plans did you have? And what else do you have to accomplish? Put all things aside that happened this year, remove any blame & really evaluate yourself! Take yourself back to New Year’s Day & look through your eyes on that day, what did you see for yourself? Once you have gained perspective you can allocate accountability; then you can move forward in a better way!

Finishing strong follows the philosophy “last one best one” like when you are in your third set of bicep curls or running that final half mile! It means being cognitive that your muscles are telling your brain, we are tired & can’t go on. But instead of quitting, you propel into action to push harder; you tell your muscles you can do this & we are going to finish harder! If you believe in yourself & tell yourself you can, then you WILL!

So where are you at today? Let’s go forward into the last part of the year, stronger, determined & using intentional force to push yourself to finish strong. You deserve the best, so end the year with all you’ve got! #finishstrong