Kent Lindell

Kent Lindell, co-owner of Colorado Land Company, combines years of agri-business experience with an in depth understanding of the complex issues surrounding land and water.  Both Buyers and Sellers of land and water assets have been able to benefit from his knowledge and background experience.  Since starting Colorado Land Company in 2007, Kent saw the need to establish a deliberate emphasis on land and water to better serve his clients.  This business approach to land and water brokerage has experienced notable success.

Before starting a land brokerage service company, Kent was fully engaged in irrigated, agricultural crop production primarily raising sugar beets, corn, alfalfa, onions, wheat and pinto beans.  He developed an alfalfa brokerage business delivering dairy quality alfalfa to dairies in Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas and Georgia.

Born and raised on a farm in Northeastern Colorado, the farming lifestyle instilled appreciation for the natural resources of land and water, while embracing “helping others” as a basic tenet that was consistently demonstrated by family, friends and neighbors.