Northern Colorado Title Services Co., Inc (NCT) was incorporated on July 26, 1993 by an unrelated party and opened for business in Morgan County, Colorado shortly thereafter. Morgan Financial Corp. purchased 100% of NCT’s common stock on September 30, 1997. NCT provides real estate related financial and information services, including title insurance, property ownership and lien research and reporting, and real estate and loan closing services to real property owners and lenders and is a Colorado licensed agency in Morgan County.

On September 28, 2007, NCT purchased the assets of Morgan County Land Titles, Inc. and Morgan Surety Title Company, commonly owned title insurance agencies located in Morgan County Colorado. On the same date, Morgan Financial Corp. contributed all outstanding common shares of NCT to Morgan Federal Bank at which time NCT became a wholly-owned service corporation of the Bank.

Timothy Al Weimer – President/CEO – Licensed Title Agent

Linda L. Reding – Vice-President – Licensed Title Agent/Closer

Sharon J. O’Patik – Title Research

Lisa A. Cole – Assistant Closer/Bookkeeper

Sheryl K. Neal – Customer Service/Data Entry

Jodi Christensen – Processer/Data Storage